Arc Flash Safety

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An arc flash is a release of energy that instantly superheats the air and any nearby components, causing an explosion. It’s a serious hazard when working on or near energized electrical equipment. OSHA requires that all employees understand the electrical hazards to which they are exposed.

This course introduces the dangers of arc flash and presents common methods for preventing and protecting against those dangers, such as risk control hierarchy, safety boundaries, lockout/tagout, and PPE guidelines. It’s based primarily on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E ‘Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace,’ which is the recognized industry resource in the United States for best electrical work practices.


  • Course topics include: NFPA Standards
  • Electrical Shock vs. Arc Flash
  • Dangers of an Arc Flash
  • Low Voltage Arc Flash
  • Non-Human Causes of Arc Flash and Human Causes of Arc Flash
  • Risk Assessment Procedure
  • Implementing Risk Control, Electrical Equipment Boundaries
  • Arc Flash PPE Categories
  • Regulations and industry best practices

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