Advanced Fall Protection Safety and Rescue Course

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Offered as an addition to the Standard Fall Protection course, this hands-on and lecture-based course takes the fundamental skills learned from the Standard Class and includes more complicated rescue scenarios, basic mechanical advantage, and cross hauls to prepare your team to work on more complicated structures. This course also includes student certification.


*This course meets or exceeds the minimum requirements outlined in the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard (NATE CTS).


This course is designed to train tower climbers and tower owners in the theory and application of advanced tower rescue techniques, planning, and responses.

OSHA states that workers must be able to promptly perform rescues of themselves and each other while working on towers and similar elevated structures.


Standard Fall Protection Safety & Rescue Certification

Course Syllabus

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*This course is discounted for NATE members.

Course Reviews:

Date Taken: April 8-10, 2014
Instructor(s): Brian and Jimmy

Student's Job Title: Tower Tech
Years of Experience: 18

The training met my expectations: Strongly Agree
The training objectives were clearly defined: Strongly Agree
The amount of material was appropriate for the time allotted: Strongly Agree
The instructor demonstrated knowledge of the material and came to class well prepared: Strongly Agree
The instructor communicated effectively: Strongly Agree
The training aids (handouts, visual aids, etc.) were useful: Strongly Agree
The course and class sessions were organized: Strongly Agree
The course objectives were achieved: Strongly Agree
Suitable facilities and equipment were provided: Strongly Agree
The class allowed for student participation/discussion: Strongly Agree
How could this training program be improved? I was impressed with this class and am not sure it could be improved. Instructors were very knowledgeable.