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Rigging / Signalperson

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Advanced Understanding of Rigging and Ropes

This course will teach the student the industry standards applicable to most communications related rigging techniques. Taught by the Crosby [...]

Crane Spotter and Signal Person Principles

In this course the student is exposed to how a crane physically responds to each signal and some of the [...]

Qualified Rigger and Signal Person for the Tower Industry

This course is designed for employees who work in the tower industry who have rigging and signaling responsibilities. This course [...]

Crane Spotter or Signal

Topics to Cover: 1. Crane Spotter Responsibilities 2. Regulations 3. Standards 4. Definitions 5. Power Line Approach 6. Understanding A Crane 7. Lifting Personnel 8. Hand Signals 9. [...]

Rigging Principles

Topics to Cover: 1. 5 Anchorage Strengths 2. Kernmantle Braid Rope 3. Knot Vs Terminated End 4. Tag Types 5. Working terms for rigging 6. [...]

Competent Rigging

This course details all aspects for the ASSE/ANSI 10.48-2016 Standard and is designed with specific emphasis on load calculations and [...]

Competent Rigging – Train the Trainer

The Competent Rigging Train the Trainer course is designed to allow a qualified individual to teach either the Competent Tower [...]

Crane Spotter Signal Person

This course will cover the responsibilities of a Crane Signal Person and a Crane Spotter Person. The student will be [...]

Rigging Training

Developed to cover various lifting and hoisting devices, Safety One’s program is focused on connections from the hook down to [...]

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Rigging Safety

Explains how ropes, chains, hoists, loaders, and cranes are used to move material and equipment from one location to another [...]