Tower Safety & Instruction

Tower Safety Logo Updated 05 2021

Our cell tower instructors have installed, rigged, climbed towers and worked in the wireless industry for over 25 years.

Tower Safety & Instruction understands the hazards a tower crew may face and we instruct the students to: prepare, plan, and practice! Tower Safety and Instruction training focuses on additional tower climbing and equipment rigging techniques, trusting your gear, and the responsibility of being safe. Tower Safety and Instruction is your Safety Training and Workplace Safety Solution.

We Stand for Workplace Safety by providing training that empowers individuals. This enables our trainees to do whatever it takes to return home safe EVERY DAY. For those they care about and for those who love them. Our training challenges clients to Think About, Act On, and Value Safety in ways that impact their lives.

We focus on 3 crucial safety behaviors:
HONESTY – Being aware of unsafe conditions and acknowledging potential hazards.
ACCOUNTABILITY – Taking action and making necessary changes.
INTEGRITY – Inspiring and coaching co-workers to perform safely.

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