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We specialize in training programs for employees whose work involves special hazards in areas beyond easy access and rapid emergency aid, specifically focusing on two main areas of safety:

Environmental & Vehicle Training:

We are the experts in Winter Survival and Snow Vehicle/Snow Cat Safety. Our course offerings also include: Arid Survival, UTV and ATV Operators training, and Helicopter Passenger Safety.

Safety & Rescue at Height:

Our Tower Climbing Safety & Rescue training teaches climbing safety, rescue, and fall protection. While primarily focused around the telecommunications arena, we also assist oil and gas, wind energy and other at height industries with their safety requirements. One of our key strengths is the ability to customize your courses specifically to fit your needs, especially in terms of rope access, confined space and other unique challenges.

Our hands-on courses assist our students in grasping concepts that can mean the difference between life and death.

Course Listing – We are able to offer the 10% discount to NATE members or 15% discount for NATE STAR Initiative members on non-custom classes held in Colorado.


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Advanced Fall Protection Safety and Rescue Course

Offered as an addition to the Standard Fall Protection course, this hands-on and lecture-based course takes the fundamental skills learned [...]

ATV/UTV Operator Safety Course

Safety One’s ATV/UTV course will enhance your understanding and techniques of ATV/UTV operation and safe riding to avoid hazards. Our [...]

Authorized (Standard) Fall Protection Safety and Rescue Course

Safety One’s Standard Fall Protection Safety & Rescue class is delivered using our Competent level curriculum, offered as a recertification [...]

Bucket Truck / Aerial Lift Training

Safety One’s Bucket Truck and Aerial Lift Certification Training course was developed for industries using various types of lift trucks [...]

Confined Space Training

Safety One’s Confined Space Safety & Rescue Program was developed for workers who enter spaces that; are not intended for [...]

Custom Snow Cat Operations Training

At Safety One Training, we understand that most organizations have unique safety needs. That’s why we offer Custom Snowcat Operation [...]

Fall Protection Custom Training

For those companies with an established safety program, we can tailor a class to meet your needs. Do you have [...]

Fall Protection Safety & Rescue Train-the-Trainer

Get your in-house trainer up to speed on the Safety One Standard Fall Protection Program and get certified to deliver [...]

NWSA Evaluation

The National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA) offers an independent third-party evaluation of skills for crew members who perform general construction [...]

Pole Top Climbing and Rescue Training

As technology changes so does the climbing environment. Many folks are now climbing telecom or utility wood poles using Wood [...]

Rigging Training

Developed to cover various lifting and hoisting devices, Safety One’s program is focused on connections from the hook down to [...]

Risk Assessment, Safety Audit and Consulting

At Safety One Training, we understand that most organizations have unique safety needs. Because every safety situation is different, we [...]

Rope Access Training (SPRAT)

Safety One offers three levels of Rope Access Training courses to students who use rope access as a method to [...]

Snow Cat Operator Skills Enhancement and Recertification Course

The hands-on Snowcat Recertification course ensures your employees are current on recent regulatory changes and have the opportunity to learn [...]

Snowcat Operator Certification

Safety One Training is the largest provider of hands-on snowcat and survival training in the world. Our Snowcat Operator Certification [...]

Snowmobile Operator Safety Course

Through this comprehensive certified training course, students learn safe riding techniques, survival skills, in-field repair of snowmobiles, theory-based skills through [...]

Wind Turbine Climbing and Rescue Certification

This Wind Turbine Climbing and Rescue Certification course is designed for technicians who are required to access and work on [...]

Winter Survival Training

This course was developed to provide students with the skills necessary to survive an unexpected emergency when emergency services are [...]