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Safety LMS is a company built with the tower climber, or rigger, in mind. Every member of our team has experience in the tower industry, and, our curriculum is written and developed by subject matter experts with several decades of proven safe climbing experience on Self-Support Towers, Guyed Towers, Monopoles, Rooftops, Buildings, and non-standard structures. Training must continually evolve as the standards that govern our industry change. Our commitment to our customers is that we will update our courses any time there is an applicable change to a regulation or industry standard. We view each training class as a valuable opportunity to reduce the number of climbing accidents, prevent an injury, and in some cases, save a life. At the end of the day – Our goal is zero accidents.


Authorized Climber/Rescuer

This class includes 1 day of classroom instruction and 1 day of on-site practical instruction. The on-site instruction day will [...]

Base Mounted Hoist Operations

Course exceeds the NATE standard titled “Base Mounted Hoist Mechanism Design and Use Standard for Lifting Personnel While Working on [...]

Capstan Hoist Operations

This course covers the use of Capstan hoists on communications sites. There are many different types and designs of Capstan [...]

Capstan Hoist Operations – Online

The Safety LMS Capstan Hoists Operations course is intended to give each student the basic understanding to make good decisions [...]

Competent Climber/Rescuer

This class includes 1 day of classroom instruction and 2 days of on-site practical instruction. On-site instruction will consist of [...]

Competent Climber/Rescuer – Train the Trainer

This course will allow qualified individuals to become certified to teach both Authorized Climber/Rescuer & Competent Climber/Rescuer in-house. A qualified [...]

Competent Rescuer Recertification

Required every year, the Competent Rescuer recertification is 1 one day practical course that covers all of the rescue procedures [...]

Competent Rigging

This course details all aspects for the ASSE/ANSI 10.48-2016 Standard and is designed with specific emphasis on load calculations and [...]

Competent Rigging – Train the Trainer

The Competent Rigging Train the Trainer course is designed to allow a qualified individual to teach either the Competent Tower [...]

CPR/First Aid/BBP

An instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage an emergency until emergency medical services arrives. [...]

Crane Spotter Signal Person

This course will cover the responsibilities of a Crane Signal Person and a Crane Spotter Person. The student will be [...]

Fundamentals of RF Awareness

This course was created to promote a better understanding of the RF hazards that exist on tower sites. It’s geared [...]

Fundamentals of RF Awareness – Online

The Safety LMS Fundamentals of RF/EME Radiation Online Course educates participants how to recognize the hazards of RF that exist [...]

Gin Pole Operations

Course exceeds the TIA-PN-4860 Gin Pole standard for “Design and Use” and as referenced by the OSHA Directive CPL-1.36. In [...]

Guyed Tower Plumb and Tension

This course is designed to train tower crews in the fundamentals of guyed tower alignment using optical alignment devices, guy [...]

Hazard Awareness of Telecom Sites

This course covering the hazards that are generally encountered on a telecommunications site. Three hazard categories: Structural, Environmental and Non-Standard [...]

Helicopter External Sling Load Operations

This course is designed to train tower crews in the fundamentals of helicopter external sling load operations per the FAA-133 [...]

Lightning, Grounding and CAD-Welding

This course was created for individuals who want to gain a better understanding of grounding works and the effects of lightning [...]

OSHA 10-Hour

This course was created to comply with the mandated guidelines set out by OSHA. Our OSHA 10 hour course creates [...]

OSHA 30-Hour

Our OSHA 30 course creates an environment where students will gain a general knowledge of OSHA regulations and learn to [...]

UAS Online Part 107 Test Prep

Safety LMS has partnered up with the team at Drone Pilot Ground School, to bring you the best learning experience [...]

UAS/Drone Training for Tower Crews

This course is designed to train qualified individuals to safely operate Unmanned Aerial Systems around telecommunications structures for the purposes [...]