Narda Safety Test Solutions


Narda Safety Test Solutions is the world leader in the design and development of products that measure electro-magnetic fields. We have products that measure fields from DC to over 100 GHz. Each one features world-class accuracy and functionality – a Narda trademark. 

We offer wideband personal monitors that are worn by employees of major wireless carriers around the world, as well as industrial and military users of high powered RF/microwave. 

Narda manufactures the SRM series of narrowband RF survey meters and antennas that allow measurement of fields many times lower than standards allow and have the ability to identify any and all emitters by their frequency, as well as power. 

Our new NBM Series of RF survey meters and probes is the most accurate non-ionizing radiation system available. It provides the broadest frequency coverage of electric and magnetic fields and has probes available that are shaped to international standards.