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Forum Consulting and Rescue is the premier Telecommunications Rescue training organization in the Northwest. We specialize in rope access, rope rescue, tower competent climber, tower competent rescuer, and confined space rescue. We provide onsite training using your equipment and facilities, helping you meet your Federal and State training and documentation requirements. In addition, our staff our experts in Washington State’s WAC 296-32 standard, the most comprehensive Telecom Safety standard in the nation.

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Competent Climber/Rescuer for Tower Operations

This course covers the fall protection standards and requirements, as well as Competent Climber/ Rescuer hands on training for Tower [...]

Confined Space Supervisor, Attendant, Entrant and Rescue

This course covers both OSHA and DOSH Confined Space Competent Person requirements for Supervisor, Attendants, Entrants and Rescuers. Class includes [...]

Washington State Telecommunication Competent Person per WAC 296-32

Forum Rescue is the Washington State expert training organizations on Telecommunications Tower Competent Climber and Competent Rescuer at your facilities. [...]