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ENSA is simply about being your best, instructors, administrative staff, students enrolled in training, everyone! Professionally as persons and companies involved within work at height activities we all understand the importance of safer and better training solutions that improve us personally and improve our industry as a whole. 

We at ENSA have taken decades of experience dealing with rescue situations and equipment in work-at-height environments, and created world-class training programs that are clear, concise, and effective. Our safe work at height and rescue curriculums for both student and instructor are steeped in a preventative safety culture where risk mitigation principles are realized, achieved and valued by all involved. 

ENSA is the only ISO 9001 certified work and rescue at height training company in North America offering a quality management program specific to a recognized Code of Practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue BS8454.  

Bleed the Green.


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TC0001 – Supervised Climber

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TC1002 – Authorized Climber/Rescuer

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TC2002 Competent Climber with Rescue

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TC2003- Competent Climber/Rescuer

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TCRSP – Rigger/Signal Person

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