Since 1996 ComTrain has provided climbing safety, fall protection and rescue training for hundreds of companies and government organizations around the globe, as well as all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Our graduate count is well over 40,000 and growing daily! Many of these groups have taken our Tower Construction & Technology class to become familiar with all facets of our industry from the ground up.

ComTrain exists to provide the highest level of safety training for all types of structures, industries and occupations. All ComTrain courses meet ANSI/ASSE and OSHA criteria for accepted practices in safety, health and environmental training. We are a specialized group of industry professionals, accredited teachers and safety professionals. If you work in the vertical world at extreme heights, you need ComTrain!

You can attend a ComTrain course conveniently located throughout the United States and worldwide or we can develop a custom course specifically for your type of industry and we will train you at your job site or classroom location.