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UAS Operations

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UAS Operations

The NATE UAS Committee is tasked with monitoring the trends and regulatory environment associated with rapidly evolving UAS technologies and making recommendations to NATE members and the wireless infrastructure community on best practices when it comes to UAS integration. The committee also focuses on collaborating with federal agencies and interested stakeholders in the development of guidelines to promote the safe commercial and private use of these systems.

The UAS Committee has pledged to be a source of information by providing timely updates to NATE members and industry stakeholders as key developments emerge in the landscape surrounding Unmanned Aerial Systems. Through the establishment of the UAS Committee, NATE is once again demonstrating our leadership in the industry by playing a pro-active role in the emerging technologies surrounding Unmanned Aerial Systems.




NATE UAS Operations Resource Documents

UAS Operations Document - 2nd Edition


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*Photos courtesy of Sentera in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



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