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NATE Safety Resources

NATE has developed numerous resources for members to utilize in their own safety regimen, providing information on recognized best practices as well as regulatory compliance requirements. Safety resources are available to NATE Members Only, with the exception of the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard, NATE Training Guidelines for Working on Communication and Similar Structures with a Gin Pole and Associated Equipment and NATE Coffee Table Book, which is available to members and non-members alike. Members can purchase items by going to the Member Login section on the homepage.

NATE Safety Resources include:

NATE Accident Prevention Safety and Health Program Guide

Now in its Fifth Edition, this benchmark safety program guide outlines a safety program for the tower erection, service and maintenance industry that covers the development of a Safety Policy Statement; Hazard Identification, Record Keeping, Education and Training; Inspection Policies; Site Safety Audits; Fall Protection; Accident Investigation and more.

CTS-2015-CoverNATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard (NATE CTS)

The NATE CTS is the industry's first training standard developed specifically for tower climber fall protection. This standard provides an outline of what should be included in any company's training course plan from definitions to duties and responsibilities. The standard then defines necessary training required for climbers to be considered Authorized Climbers, Competent Climbers, Authorized Rescuers and Competent Rescuers. As a standard for safety, the NATE CTS is one NATE Safety Resource available to members and non-members alike.

To order the Spanish version of the NATE Tower Climber Fall Protection Training Standard (NATE CTS), NATE members may log into the Members Only section of NATE website. For non-member orders, please click here. 

Gin Pole CoverNATE Training Guidelines for Working on Communication and Similar Structures with a Gin Pole and Associated Equipment was developed to provide minimum guidelines for worker training required for gin pole use for work relating to the installation, alteration and maintenance of communications structures. The Gin Pole and Associated Equipment Guideline Book is available to members and non-members alike.

The NATE Coffee Table Book allows your story to unfold through the eyes of a camera lens. This book has been produced to help you illuminate the majesty, beauty and challenges of our chosen occupation. This is done by showcasing breathtaking photography and includes the unmistakable underlying message of “Safety First, Safety Always”.  

Photographs range from “sea to shining sea” and include virtually every type of geography, climate and topography. Some of the photos are of National Treasures. Others simply portray magnificent scenes designed to highlight the work of our talented climbers. The Coffee Table Book will make a terrific gift for clients, suppliers, supporters and employees. The Coffee Table Book is available to members and non-members alike.

NATE Glossary of Tower and Communications Terminology

Communication is vital to safety. Recognizing and understanding commonly used terminology is a crucial aspect of keeping workers safe. The NATE Glossary of Tower and Communications Terminology defines hundreds of commonly used tower site terms.

NATE Safety DVDs

NATE has created safety DVDs for members to utilize as part of their own training and education programs. Detailed examinations of safety and best practices as applied to personnel hoisting, gin pole operations and RF awareness are covered in these NATE DVDs.

NATE Hoist Operators Educational Requirements Manual

Whether hoisting personnel or a customer's valuable equipment, the hoist operator needs to have the proper education to do the job safely and do the job right. The NATE Hoist Operators Educational Requirements Manual outlines the parameters of the position from understanding hoist operations, systems, rigging, qualifications and best practices.


NATE Suggested Fall Protection - Rooftop Work Area Protocol

Some communications equipment, especially in urban areas, is installed on top of buildings. The NATE Suggested Fall Protection -- Rooftop Work Area Protocol manual provides information on OSHA regulations, applicable standards, safety systems and definitions. 

NATE Tower Safety Signals

The importance of reliable communications on tower sites is indisputable. This manual provides recommendations and descriptions of signaling methods used on tower sites.


NATE Suggested Signage Protocol

Proper signage on job sites is required under numerous sections of the federal regulations code. The site signage package comes with a manual describing areas where site signage is needed for safety on job sites, and laminated cards defining signage for various specified applications.

NATE Resource Reference for RF Awareness

The NATE RF Awareness Booklet is an awareness manual for understanding the background behind exposure to radio frequency waves. It contains information on OSHA compliance, FCC MPE rules, general safety awareness, background references and additional information.


Climber Connection Safety Videos Volume 1

The NATE Climber Connection safety videos include breathtaking drone footage of tower climbers working safely at elevation. The practical safety tips featured in the videos serve as a great resource to the industry's workforce and utlimately ensure they return home safely each and every night. Available in a USB Flash Drive.

Topics in Volume 1 include:

PPE Inspection Professionalism RF & Antenna ID 100% Tie-Off
Tower Inspection Night Climbing Capstan Hoist & Rigging Gravity
Anchor Corrosion Weather Conditions Lamps & Lighting  



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