Session 3 – Authorized, Competent or Qualified: The Employers  Responsibility

Session 3 – Authorized, Competent or Qualified: The Employers Responsibility

April 21 at 11:00 a.m. Central Time

OSHA regulations recognize different levels of responsibility that may be assigned to employees in the workplace. The terms “Authorized Person”, “Competent Person”, and “Qualified Person” are used to describe these varying levels of responsibility, each having a different set of expectations, training requirements, and authority levels. It is entirely possible – and even quite likely – for a person to be designated by their employer as an Authorized, Competent, or Qualified Person for one particular aspect of a job (such as fall protection, hazardous materials, or machinery operation), but not for other areas that pose different hazards or that require compliance with different regulations. This presentation will help employers and tower technicians to differentiate between the level of knowledge a worker might have and the level of responsibility bestowed upon that person by an employer.

Bob Mccurley Session 1

Bob McCurley • Safety Projects Trainer
Pigeon Mountain Industries, Inc.


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