Session 10 – Safe Driving: Are Your Personal Assets Exposed?

Session 10 – Safe Driving: Are Your Personal Assets Exposed?

November 17 at 11:00 a.m. Central Time

Keep an eye on the road and your personal assets. Auto accidents are now more prevalent than tower accidents. This session will cover the importance of safe driving and truly establishing a safe driving culture. Participants will have an understanding of why insurance rates continue to rise and steps to take to be proactive in keeping your auto rates from rising. Negligent entrustment can put the owners/officers of a telecom company at risk. This session will cover how to find qualified drivers; define a good motor vehicle record and a bad motor vehicle record; the importance of GPS in your autos and how it can drive greater profits; as well as creating incentive plans for employees to lower auto accidents.

Bruce Eades

Bruce Eades • President
Insurance Office of America – Georgia Region

Registration Opens October 4

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