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Women of NATE (WON) Webinar


Women of NATE (WON) Presents: Mastering the Generation Gap

A webinar was conducted on Thursday, August 24, 2017 powered by Women of NATE (WON) on Mastering the Generation Gap. The presenter, Miranda Allen educated attendees on how to enhance the workplace environment by effectively navigating life, better communicating, and understanding the five generations that are actively working side-by-side in your organization.

Webinar attendees learned how to:

  • Minimize the effects of  the generation gap;
  • Develop better communication;
  • Overcome conflict due to generational differences;
  • Develop more understanding and improve collaborative efforts;
  • Develop better relationships between generations; and
  • Improve multi-generation team performance.

Miranda Allen is a member of the NATE Member Services Committee and Women of NATE (WON) and is Chief Executive Officer for Radiofrequency Safety International (RSI) in Kiowa, Kansas. She can be reached at 888-830-5648 or mirandaw@rsicorp.com.  


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