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Trade Show

The Trade Show Committee is responsible for organizing and implementing the annual conference and exposition.

Trade Show Committee Members

  Joel Hightower 02-13







  • Joel Hightower

    Hightower Communications, Inc.

Board Oversights

  • Jimmy Miller
    MillerCo., Inc.

  • Randy Scott
    Texoma Contracting, Inc.

Committee Members

  • Amanda Stegall
    MillerCo, Inc.
  • Kevin Schmidt
    Sioux Falls Tower & Communication
  • Jerry Bezner
    Alliance Corporation
  • Beau Aero
    GME Supply Co
  • Curt Tuttle
  • Aaron M Pitts
    P & D Antenna Service, Inc.
  • Jeff Regan
  • Nick Trussell
    Elevated Services, LLC

Subcommittee Members

  • Willie Goldman
    Drake Lighting, Inc.
  • Eric Lord
    Flash Technology
  • Bruce Eades
    Insurance Office of America (IOA)
  • Nicole Deas
    MillerCo, Inc.
  • Ken Clark
    Engineering Wireless Services, LLC
  • Alisa Reed
    Connect-It Wireless
  • Christy Hall
    Texoma Contracting, Inc.
  • Sean Cooper
    ERI Installations, Inc.
  • Becky Danielson
    Webb-Rite Safety


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