2019 NATE Board of Directors Candidate Statements

The 2019 NATE Board of Directors election is quickly approaching. Each year NATE Members choose who will serve on the Association's Board of Directors. This year’s election will be conducted exclusively through a secure, online voting system. This online voting system will provide all NATE Voting Members with a simple and convenient format to be able to cast votes for the Board of Directors election. Online voting will be open 11/01/2018 through 12/01/2018.

Your Association is driven by volunteer leadership. Over the years, individuals have made the choice to pursue a seat on the Board of Directors. In doing so, they brought their personal experience and knowledge to the Board and helped NATE succeed. Each Board Member is unique and offers a perspective only they can provide. These diverse points of view are essential contributions to the Association's ongoing achievements.

This year, seats are up for election on the NATE's governing body. Those elected to the Board of Directors will serve a two-year term, beginning at the annual meeting in February 2019. Candidate statements and biographies are listed below in alphabetical order.

Victor Drouin Victor Drouin

Green Mountain Communications, Inc.
Pembroke, New Hampshire

Candidate Statement

Christopher T. Mallon, PE Christopher T. Mallon, PE

TowerMRL, Inc.
Cottage Grove, Wisconsin

Candidate Statement

Randel R. Scott Randel R. Scott

Texoma Contracting, Inc.
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Candidate Statement

Michael Young Michael Young

Chief Operating Officer
Sioux Falls Tower & Communications
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Candidate Statement