Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Ad Hoc Committee Members

NATE’s UAS Committee and Working Group participants have pledged to be a source of information by providing timely updates to the Association’s members and industry stakeholders as key developments emerge in the landscape surrounding Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Jimmy Miller 
MillerCo, Inc.

Christopher Desmond
Verizon Wireless

Tim Dunnigan
Talon Aerolytics, Inc.

Lisa Ellman
Hogan Lovells/Commercial Drone Alliance

Bryan Fitzpatrick
Surveying and Mapping, LLC

Steve Fleming
Technical Rescue Systems LLC

Jim Goldwater
Bob Lawrence & Associates, Inc.

Alden Jones
American Tower Corporation

John Paul Jones
Tower & Turbine Technologies LLC

Robert McCoy
Crown Castle

Sam McGuire
Red Mountain Scientific

Bryan McKernan

Chris Moccia

Art Pregler

Todd Schlekeway 
National Association of Tower Erectors   

Rodney Murray
Eagle Drones     

Karl Schwab

Nikhil Vadhavkar
Raptor Maps

Steven Fargo
DataWing Global     

Charlie Terry
ETAK Systems, LLC

Jim Tracy
United Tower Alliance, LLC.

Brian Weis
Mikab Corporation

Gretchen West
Hogan Lovells /Commercial Drone Alliance

Mark Foster
SBA Communications Corporation