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NATE Statement on FCC’s Actions to Free up Spectrum Critical to 5G

Posted on: July 10, 2019 Category: NATE News

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July 10, 2019                                          

NATE Statement on FCC’s Actions to Free up Spectrum Critical to 5G

(Washington, D.C.) – The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) today released the following statement on today’s developments at the FCC July Open Meeting that will ultimately serve to make more mid-band and high-band spectrum available to the industry. The FCC’s proactive action to free up additional spectrum for industry use is a key component of the 5G FAST plan spearheaded by Chairman Ajit Pai and is paramount to ensure the United States maintains its position as a global leader in 5G.

“NATE applauds the FCC Commissioners who voted at today’s meeting to support the initiation of processes that will unleash new spectrum crucial to the industry and country’s future,” said Executive Director Todd Schlekeway. “Industry access to spectrum ultimately equates to more deployment opportunities and NATE member companies stand ready to convert this valuable spectrum into action so that American businesses and consumers can experience the power and conveniences of a 5G-driven economy,” added Schlekeway.  

At today’s July Open Meeting, FCC Commissioners supported a report and order that will transform the 2.5 GHz band for 5G, allowing for more efficient and effective use of this critical mid-band spectrum by increasing flexibility for existing incumbent users and providing new opportunities for rural Tribal Nations and other entities to access unused portions of the band. This development will ultimately serve to bring more valuable mid-band spectrum to the market for the industry to utilize to deploy 5G wireless networks and services.

Commissioners also voted today on a public notice finalizing the procedures, terms, and conditions for Auction 103, the incentive auction of high-band spectrum licenses in the upper 37 GHZ, 39 GHZ and 47 GHZ bands. The auction, slated for December 2019, is said to be the largest in American history and will open up high-band spectrum important for 5G to the commercial marketplace.

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