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OSHA’s New Recordkeeping Requirements – Are You In Compliance?

Posted 9.24.15
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OSHA's New Recordkeeping Requirements - Are You In Compliance?

with former OSHA Assistant Secretary of Labor Edwin G Foulke, Jr.

Ed Foulke

On September 24, former Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. showcased an in-depth webinar on OSHA's final rule on occupational injury and illness recordkeeping and reporting requirement to be effective January 1, 2015.

This webinar took a look at (1) examining the many recordkeeping pitfalls that employers face, especially those with multiple locations; (2) covering how to coordinate injury and illness recordkeeping with other recordkeeping requirements, how employers can effectively use recordkeeping to improve their current safety and health management program; and (3) examine in detail the changes made by the final rule and the increased employer reporting requirements for all employers.


Power Point of the Webinar Presentation OSHA

Injury and Illness Recordability Worksheet





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