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Marijuana, E-Cigarettes and Other Smoky Things

Posted 6.9.15
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Marijuana, E-Cigarettes and Other Smoky Things

Ed FoulkeBy Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. 

On June 9, former Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Edwin G. Fouke, Jr. showcased an in-depth webinar on familiarizing your company with restrictions, liabilities, and state and federal laws regarding marijuana, e-cigarettes and other smoky things. 

The webinar took a look at the different aspects of some states that have legalized medical marijuana; some that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Federal law still considers all marijuana use to be illegal.

Topics discussed include:

  • Should the shift in some states’ laws regarding marijuana use change your policy on substance abuse in the workplace?
  • Should you conduct drug testing, and under what circumstances?
  • Also, e-cigarettes have become very popular lately, with some employees claiming that workplace no-smoking policies might not apply to them. Do you need to update your policy on smoking at work to account for this new technology?

Power Point of the Webinar Presentation

White Papers of the Webinar Presentation


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