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Achieving Zero Injuries – Best Practices in Workplace Safety

Posted 11.20.14
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Ed Foulke

“Achieving Zero Injuries – Best Practices in Workplace Safety” 

By Edwin G. Foulke Jr.

(Former Secretary of Labor for OSHA)

On December 9 former Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. showcased an in-depth webinar on how injuries and illnesses in the workplace are costing businesses billions of dollars and at the same time loss of productivity and profits. This program will examine the most frequent causes of injuries and best practices to eliminate them. It will also look at the top 20 “low hanging fruit” safety violations that OSHA is looking for to cite employers and hit them with large penalties. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • The hidden costs of workplace accidents and injured employees
  • Best practices for improving a company’s safety record
  • How to handle unsafe employees


Copy of the Webinar Presentation 

Legal Alert - OSHA Opens Worksites (PDF)

Legal Alert - Recordkeeping Requirements Update (PDF)

Strategies Handout

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