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MIOSHA Safety Regulations Adopted With the Support and Guidance of NATE Members

Posted 3.7.11
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On April 10, 2009, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, (MIOSHA), approved new safety requirements to protect workers on broadcast and communication towers. Michigan is the second state to specifically address broadcast and communication tower safety, following North Carolina’s introduction of tower regulations in 2005.

Terry Sharp, President of Grant Tower, Inc., Grant, Michigan, and who also served on the NATE Board of Directors for the past 14 years, helped guide the efforts to develop up-to-date safety laws that ensure tower workers arrive home safe every day. As co-chairman of the tower safety advisory committee, Sharp contributed his industry knowledge throughout the decision-making process and helped drive home NATE’s key safety requirements.

NATE members working on this committee from the state of Michigan also included Terry Martin of Northern Tower Erection Co. in Traverse City, Michigan and Vincent Palazzolo from Northern Tower Connection in White Lake, MI.

The MIOSHA requirements provide the minimum protection for Michigan tower workers when working at heights over six feet during construction, altering, repairing, operating, inspecting, maintaining, and demolishing broadcast and communication towers.

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