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NATE Launches First-of-its-Kind Hazard Recognition Guide

Posted 3.3.11
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SBA Communications collaborated with NATE to create a hazard recognition program aimed at carriers, broadcasters and tower owners.

NATE has launched the first-of-its-kind Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide to continue to improve safety on broadcast and communications tower sites. This program provides guidance to project managers, site superintendents and any other responsible personnel on a tower site, to recognize hazardous situations.

NATE, the unified voice for the tower erection, service and maintenance industry teamed with a cellular carrier to develop the content for the Guide.

The Guide is designed to empower on-site employees of tower owners, carriers, broadcasters and general contractors to recognize hazards on broadcast and communications tower sites and take steps to alleviate those situations quickly and effectively. The Hazard Recognition Guide also provides personnel with additional resources such as OSHA guidelines where further information about specific topics can be gathered.

As part of its mission to increase safety on all broadcast and communications tower sites, NATE is offering the Guide free to anyone in the industry, not just NATE members. To begin the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide, please click on the graphic below.

**This program is accessible through Internet Explorer ONLY**

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