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OSHA Relations

The OSHA Relations Committee keeps members updated on current OSHA issues and events, along with revising existing or developing new industry standards.

OSHA Relations Committee Members

John Paul Pones (02-14) 2


  • Chairman/Board Oversight
    John Paul Jones
    Tower & Turbine Technologies LLC
  • Gordon Lyman
    Safety LMSystems LLC
  • Pat Cipov
    Cipov Enterprises, Inc.
  • Jim Coleman
  • Kevin Dougherty
  • Don Doty
    Velocitel, Inc.
  • Sean Cooper
    Odyssey Tower Professionals LLC
  • Loui McCurley
    Pigeon Mountain Industries, Inc.
  • Rashad Hutchins
    Site Master, Inc.


Subcommittee Members

  • John E. Matias
    Goodman Networks, Inc.
  • Jocko Vermillion
    Safety Controls Technology
  • Miles Mellor
    Cooper's Tower and Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Jeffrey L. Ellis
    GlenMartin ®
  • Kathryn L. Stieler
    Electronics Research, Inc.
  • Ed Dennis
    Pinpoint Towers
  • Corie Fontenot
    TowerMRL, Inc.
  • Jason "Jase" Farris
  • Ben Little
    Centerline Solutions, LLC


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