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Member Services

The Member Services Committee actively recruits new members, contacts existing members, and strives to expand upon the benefits of NATE membership.

Member Services Committee Members

Pat Miller 02-14


  • Pat Miller
    EasTex Tower, Inc.

Board Oversight and Committee Member

  • Jim Tracy
    Legacy Telecommunications, Inc.

Committee Members

  • Don Train
    Train's Towers, Inc.
  • Kevin Reski
    Great Plains Towers
  • BeLinda Fadely
  • Diane Mueller
    Primus Electronics
  • Clement Rolle
    Bahamas Telecomm. Co. Ltd.
  • Debbie Gion
    Trusty Construction, LLC
  • Therese O'Brien
    TESSCO Technologies

Subcommittee Members

  • Miranda Allen
    Radiofrequency Safety International (RSI)
  • Tommy Lewis
    Hayden Tower Service, Inc.
  • Brent Jarvis
    Corporate College
  • Palmer Greene
    Pexx, Inc.
  • Nicole Paulette
    Elevated Services, LLC
  • Jason Hilgerson
    North Face Construction
  • Jordyn Miller
    MillerCo, Inc.
  • Jesse Petrilla
    Petrilla Technologies, LLC
  • Kathy Brand
    Tower Safety & Instruction




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