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NATE Gin Pole Summit

Posted 7.26.12
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NATE is excited to host the NATE Gin Pole Summit in conjunction with Gordon Lyman (Safety LMSystems LLC), Ernie Jones (Consolidated Engineering, Inc.), and Don Doty and Pat Moore (Doty Moore Tower Services, LLC). The meeting will convene at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriott on Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28. 

Over thirty industry professionals including some members of the NATE Board of Directors are expected to attend the Gin Pole Summit. The meeting will be facilitated by Gordon Lyman, Chairman of the NATE OSHA Relations Committee and A10.48 Committee. The intent of the Summit is to review the existing TIA 1019-A-2011 Standard in regards to the requirements for gin poles, the training for gin poles and the necessary associated training that goes along with working with gin poles. The information and input NATE receives from this meeting is very important in that it will be used to outline the training parameters in the A10.48 Standard.  

The training discussions and input received from the participants will be reflected in the new ANSI A10.48 Standard and also will assist tower owners along with education and training companies in developing training modules to fit the needs of the industry. 

Watch for further details in the September Tower Times. Thank you to all who will be participating in such an important meeting that will enhance industry safety and assist with facilitating effective safety training for the future of our Association and industry.


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