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Safety Message from the NATE Chairman

Posted 5.4.11
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May 4, 2011

Dear NATE Members,

As you all know, my home state of Alabama plus neighboring states in the South were devastated last week by tornadoes. Recovery from these storms will take months and even years. Our hearts go out to all those who suffered losses during these violent storms. While we assist one another in the struggles that are sure to follow, I want to remind all NATE members to keep safety at the top of your mind as you conduct your work.

The magnitude of the tragedy facing so many lives makes it even more challenging to focus on our day-to-day activities, but with calls going out for emergency repairs on tower sites, we realize the need to do what we can to help restore communications to those areas that sustained the brunt of the storm’s impact.

We all know from experience that situations of this nature lend themselves to rushing through jobs. With seemingly endless and immediate demands facing us, the urge to work more quickly than is realistic seems only natural. At the same time, many of our customers are faced with a combination of cost and functionality issues they could not have foreseen, driving them to push tower erectors to do more in a shorter time frame.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking urgency is an excuse for short-cutting safety.

Despite the realities at hand, we still need to prevent circumstances from dictating how we will perform our jobs. NATE’s ongoing success toward establishing a culture of safety requires members to operate safely regardless of pressures being placed on them to work faster or do jobs cheaper than safety allows.

Whether working in areas reeling from the destructive forces of nature, or conducting our regular tower work for owners, carriers, broadcasters and general contractors, I want to remind all NATE members that Safety Is Up To You! Your behavior must reflect the ideals we have established together. Take the time to do the job safely and to do the job right.

These are the times when tower technicians may be tempted to take short cuts. Talk with your crews today, remind them that Safety First, Safety Always remains the unbreakable rule you require them to follow. Together, we will continue changing the way the industry works, one decision at a time.

Stay Safe.

Jim Coleman
NATE Chairman

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