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NATE Launches STAR Initiative at NATE 2011

Posted 4.19.11
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NATE publically launched the NATE STAR Initiative at NATE 2011 in Oklahoma City. Eighty two NATE members were accepted into the program for the inaugural year. See the full list here.

The NATE STAR Initiative was designed to help companies operate safely while recognizing tower erectors who voluntarily adhere to higher standards.  The NATE STAR Initiative emphasizes Safety, Training, Accountability and Reliability by asking participants to commit to requisite levels of training, site safety audits and the implementation of safety programs while adhering to industry best practices.

The STAR Initiative is now up and running for the 2011 program year.  Additional NATE members will be able to apply for the second year of the program beginning in June 2011.

NATE also released the updated NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide with new content and expanded features. The Guide now includes "Top 10 Violations for 2010 by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)”, chapter summaries and safety “red flags” for anyone working on a tower site. Launched in 2010, the Guide provides a safety resource for not only tower erectors, but also for project managers, site superintendents and any other responsible personnel on a tower site, to help them recognize hazardous situations. The Guide was initially aimed at providing an educational resource to assist carriers, broadcasters, tower owners and general contractors in recognizing and addressing hazards on tower sites; a concerted effort was made at this year’s NATE show to further encourage all companies who place personnel on tower sties to utilize the Guide. You can access the Guide at www.hazardrecognition.com.

To date, the launch of the updated NATE STAR Initiative and the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide announcement has garnered media coverage in six original articles including features in RCR Wireless, Urgent Communications, Radio World and Television Broadcast.

In addition, RCR Wireless TV joined us on the trade show floor at the NATE 2011 Conference & Exposition. Several members and NATE leaders interviewed with Dan Meyer and the RCR staff, shedding light on NATE initiatives and industry concerns. To view RCR Wireless TV videos from NATE 2011, visit www.rcrwireless.tv.

Full text of the articles can be found by clicking on the links above and to experience the NATE Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide yourself, visit www.hazardrecognition.com.

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